Sunday, October 30, 2005


I just came back from a scout camp and its halloween already. The dead are stirring in their graves and the living are forking out millions on sweets, fireworks and cheesey costumes. Trees are shedding the last of their leaves and black cats are dying at an alarming rate, so batten down the hatches and protect yourselves with crazy black magic rituals folks, 'cause samhains on the way. Image by Puzuzu.

Thursday, October 27, 2005


I just took up drums and i want to know is it worth getting a new electric one. It wont annoy the neighbours and they've got loads of cool addons but they sound terrible and they feel wierd to hit. Should i get an electric one or an accoustic one?

More anime

This ones in watercolour i think. Really nice background and the spear's cool but i've no idea who painted it. If it's yours, tell me so i can acknowledge you.


What the hell kind of a name is steel cheese? all the good ones were taken. Suggestions?


You like anime? I like anime, this ones from i think. cool isn't it.


I got a PSP last month and it was fine, no dead pixels or anything, but i want to know how to change the background colour on a version 1.25 or download version 2 upgrades for a european PSP. Anyone got suggestions?