Sunday, February 26, 2006


You may have noticed that I've gone on a bit of a renovating spree (note the links buttons!) Daniel or angus, if you want a better one make it your self! (post it on you're blog and tell me)

Saturday, February 25, 2006


I gots me a title picture thingy. I spent hours searching for how to do that but couldn't find out. Finally I have worked it out for my self so thanks for nothing world (it is still in its experimental stages and will be better refined later on!)

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Sorry, I had to

I normally wouldn't do this but...
Whew, got that off my back

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Breakfast on mars

Breakfast On Mars

Today had been a pretty cool day, I had eaten, shopped, rolled and hovered through the streets and shops of all the major cities in the solar system. And now I was coming to the last stop, Mars.
Martians are a pretty backwards bunch, they drive on the ground with so called ‘wheels’ ( They say its keeping with good old human tradition but I think its just weird.) and they start the day with dinner and end it with breakfast.
(luckily they make a darn good breakfast) Also they live on a planet with fluctuating gravity so their clothes have a horrible tendency to get ripped off mid discussion.
I was now coming to the Mars ‘Home Dome™’ and my large amount of belts had just paid off because everyone else in the shuttle was now crawling around, red faced and embarrassed, trying to pick up their clothes that had just been ripped off. ‘’Gravity these days’’ I heard an old man swear behind me.
Presently the shuttle came to a halt in the dome and all the doors opened along with a bunch of ‘’thank you’’s and adds on the loud speaker. Excitedly I half skipped half walked out into the ever present night ( actually it was the evening but I was just trying to give you an idea of the dark sky, lights and stars.) ‘’Now for breakfast’’ I muttered and wandered out into the city under the Dome.
After a while I found a nice looking breakfast hole (don’t ask) and stepped in to find some more naked customers and a giant lava lamp. I walked over to the bar but when I saw the bar tender was being eaten by a giant prune, I did my best ‘’ I’ll leave you two alone’’ and left.
I walked over to the harbour keys and found a boat going over to the other side of the lake ( the lake is to provide a realistic amount of moisture in the air in the day and take in the condensation at night, so it also has a tide that was now starting to rise) I hopped on, paid the driver and sat back for the ride.
The other side seemed to be a lot more centred on food and so had a lot more breakfast holes. Three of them had the same prune problem as the last but finally I came to a fairly normal looking one. There was a dead prune on the floor so I assumed the staff were more heavily armed in this particular hole( again, don’t ask). I ordered some pancakes and because on mars they use old fashioned grilles rather than plasma cookers, I had a while to wait. I stepped into a pod and pressed a button marked ‘up’ and shot up the side of the building into the night sky.
When the pod stopped I had a view of he whole Home Dome™ and the surrounding landscape. Huge red volcanoes rose up into the starry night and massive sheets of frozen hydrogen rolled slowly down them. The red landscape was sliced up into sections by the massive glass tubes containing highways and railways needed to get to other smaller domes.
Tonight was cold, very cold and now that I felt that I noticed something else, there were huge drops of water forming on the roof of the Dome, three of them and they were starting to fall. slowly but surely the first drop started to fall towards the ground.
When the first 7 ton drop of condensation hit the north quays it was travelling at 800 miles per hour. It exploded and shot people, stalls and cars into each other and the whole mess into the wall of a nearby shop.
The second, travelling at around the same speed hit the middle of the lake and caused a small tsunami that chucked tons of water and a handful of boats up onto the quays on both sides of the lake.
The last, although it had a smaller distance to fall, was bigger and fell hard against the cone shaped cover on the top of the pod spire I was on and as if in slow motion the perfect sphere fell down to the streets below.
The people on New Wall Street in the food district had more to worry about than a 9 ton drop of water hurtling toward the ground, in fact no one was there when it hit because they had all been running away from something else. Three something else’s in fact. Three giant prunes charging at the people below.
I saw something else odd as well from my perch high above the Dome city, there were three law and order druids scaling the walls of the Dome and when they got about half way up they dropped, one after another towards the streets below.
Where they should have hit, I saw something that looked a lot like prune juice squirt up into the air and rain down on the wall of the dome.
Then from a huge speaker on the wall an alarm began to sound an I noticed an odd white sheet form on the waters of the lake. Ice. It was cold, really cold, and getting colder. Then my pod door unexpectedly swung open and a police shuttle came into view and pulled up by my pod. ‘’hop in!’’ shouted a metallic voice over the P.A. I shut my eyes and leaped ( just as a matter of interest I was 20,000 feet up)
Turns out the giant mutated prunes had shut down the heating system. And prune juice is brown, not the purple I thought. And now that I think about it, I Never Got My BREAKFAST!

( an essay I had to write for school, it's posted to show what actually goes on in my head!)