Friday, November 03, 2006

Right so then

I've been away a while. 3 days or so if im right. In that time I have: gone on a hike (no, actually more of a glorified stroll) Gone walkabouts on hallowe'en, gone to toms house, gone skating and..... gone skating again! Yeah!. Hallowe'en was fun, started off meeting angus at 9 in the morning, got the dart to bray, walked over bray head to greystones, found that despite all the stopping the hike took about 3 and a half hours (we had 5 and a half in total)hung around in greystones a while, ate chips and left. Then after meeting up with rory again we hung around a bit, shot at each other with pellet guns, missed, watched fireworks, ran away from scumbags, met tom, philip and james, went to toms house, ate food, drank club pomegranate and white cranberry (Yeah! I've consumed sooo much pomegranate in the last few days I warn you to expect shortages of the stuff!). Then we went home and slept. The next day rory woke with a start and made simple, yet hilarious request: Dillon, may I be so oblong as to play black with the sound off?. Then we went skating again. went home, woke up next day, went skating, went home, went to the scout AGM (ill see if any of the videos and photos are on the internet) went to bed and now here i am writing this retched, longtastic, post.
Also could I ask you vote for me in the little irish blogs banner in the sidebar?, thanks.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Look mum! its a, a, a....

a thing. No actually i know exactly what it is. I should; i just spent about an hour making it. Its a gattling gun turret which can rotate 360 degrees on a series of interconected rails. It also has an autopilot system (the keyboard), hard drives (the cylinders) to store information on... whatever, a comfy seat, 2 backup power supplies (the boxes with lots of cables), 2 floors, 3 motors, an easy-stock self arming automatic ammo supply, and 7 LCD screens on a frame. Sound boring eh? well look at this:

Sunday, October 29, 2006

7 hours, to the max!

7 hours of skating today, who said rollerblades cant be extreme?... I guess I just made a total ass of myself didnt I. Point is despite their pretty foolish (pansy some could even say) apperance and the fact that those who ride them just reak femininity, in-lines are the cooliest.... seriously though, unlike my previous extreme/ to the max sport venture i am actually good at rollerblading, needless to say i am hurting in many places i didn't even know i had, but it was a great day. I made an 8 step jump about 40 times, a wide 5 step jump about 60 times, a one legged (boo yeah) 2 step jump (upwards, over a low wall) and a fairly steep 3-6 step jump on more occasions than i care to mention. Also i made a jump up 7 steps twice and then chickened out and i cant do it anymore. pretty cool (if mind bendingly boring) if i may say so myself!
going cycling tomorrow with chris, rory and angus and then we'll possibly parody good riddance (time of your life) with our down market musical abilities. (no one has a drumkit, no one can sing and ill be damned if any of us have ever touched a violin/cello thing in our lives!)

Saturday, October 28, 2006

somewhat 'girly'

I have the finished template for my homepage ( Its cool but my sister, mollie, thinks its too girly. I want your opinion: heres a picture,

Also I have a sailing regatta at 12 today, rory'll be there (i hope) and rory, if your reading this i dont have your password thing yet. I'm hoping to get some skating in afterwards but its ending at 3 so i dont know if i'll have time to go into bray. I gotta go have breakfast now, bye


I have done some work, and it now comes in green:

and this time a more simple orange design:

Thursday, October 26, 2006


i see there have been a few problems with my new homepage.... the link in the 'my friends' menu seems to work for me so try that one. As for the black screen at the beginning of when you log in (with the random add) there is a button on the top which allows you to skip that page and go straight to my page. When you get to my page you will notice even more problems: some of the links dont work and some people will get only a white page with a grey circle in it. The reason for the first problem is that the 2 galleries are not yet finished, so they wont be usable untill they're done, and reason for the second problem is that some people who have an older flash player wont be able to read the site. Sorry about these problems, i will fix them when i can!
Also its only a few more days to hallowe'en! and, as it happens, on hallowe'en morning i am going on a hike (more of a walk) from bray to greystones with scouts (Rory and maybe Angus will be there) so if anyone sees me in bray rather overdressed for a day out on the town, thats why. Until next time....

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

im still here

And for my final post of the night... I got a domain!!!! I will put up the finished site tomoroow but i need sleep. check it out!!!!
(i know the current banner is ugly but I'll fix it)


Eircom, Yes I'm talking to you, Seem to have moved my webhost site, blocked me from it or deleted it as i cant use it anymore. This makes me angry. And you wouldn't like me angry!
I've just finished making a flash website, a homepage with galleries, links, bios etc. and now find myself unable to host it! If anyone knows a good (no add) webhost service (a free one too) then PLEASE tell me! I NEED YOUR HELP!
firstly, i have found, through an endless chain of links and more links how to access my eircom webbuilder, so crisis averted. Also, if anyone needs a good hosting service, while i was scouring the internet i chanced upon angelfire, i had heard of them before but never tried them and i have been pleasantly surprised. click here to go to They do not allow backlinking for obvious reasons but are still a very helpful site.
and yes eircom, im still mad.


I got a new System of a Down album on.... monday? Steal this Album (no actually dont) and its really good. Yeah... and dont you forget it foo!
Man, I need something to say! Does anyone know how on earth one would go about getting in such a mindset that they would actually enjoy texturing a model? When I talk to people on the internet, they say texturing can make a bad model good, and make any low poly model look amazingly intracate, and from experience I agree, but its sooooo boring!! I might make a texture for one or two polygons of an object and then BAM! I get bored and leave that model for ever. Texturing is such a chore it even puts me off modeling. which is bad.
Also I broke my phone, again. I've had the same model twice and the first time, the screen broke when i took a step wearing jeans (the phone was in my pocket). Walking shouldn't break a phone!. This time i think it has something to do with my breast pocket moving slightly to the left. Or maybe it was a small area of high air pressure which caused the screen to implode. Either way its broken and I need to get another one. No way am i getting that model again!
If anyone is interested in 3d modeling there is a free program called gmax which was develpoed by autodesk for modding games such as flight sim and battelfield2. I learned 3d modeling on it and although its really hard to learn, its almost an exact copy of 3ds max and so is a very helpful for learning before spending loads of money on a different program. The only downfall is that it doesn't have a rendering suite but they can be downloaded seperately for it.
Cllick here to download it/learn more.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

ooh dear!

Its happening again! That dreadful plague where my hands are unable to comminicate with my brain therefore making it impossible for me to navigate my internet browser to the correct page from which I can start a new post! You all remember the last time it happened, heck, who doesn't? I left my blog for quite some time I must say, many of my e-contacts ( clever isn't it, I put the letter 'e' in front of the word 'contact' to imply that they are contacts on the Enternet. No thats not right at all... hmm; internet, enternet, internet, enternet. Hmmm.) left me and my site went to the dogs. Those were the days.
Anywho.. hey look! a post!! cool.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

my latest model

If i can successully finish looking up how on earth i would go about doing such a thing, I'm gonna try put this model in Microsoft flight sim 2004. Its based very strongly on the hover ships in the Matrix but as i had no picture of the actual ones to work with i made it all up as i went along... Just as a matter of interest it has 488370 vertices and 971008 polygons, 3 materials, 2 textures and 1423 objects.

(the picture on the bottom is a wireframe to show the amout of polygons involved)


Here it is with a background, bump mapping and lights as suggested by Sam in comments:

I'm aware the back ground isn't very good

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

there once was a man from Nantucket...

an english poem i wrote today in school;

Once upon a time in a town called Nantucket,
Where the people eat their food from a bucket.
There lived a man by the name of Nick,
Who rode around showing off his giant...stick.

The people tried to lift it but no one could,
this truly impressive hunk of wood.
So Nick laughed maniacally until he cried,
Until the hairs on his head turned white and died.

His high pitched, nasal, nerdy, laugh,
made the townsfolk really mad.
So one night while he was mocking their puny strength,
They bludgeoned him to death with a monkey wrench.

Now it said that on a dark night,
while walking a dusty path,
It is said thea one can get quite a fright.
When they hear Nicks nasal, ghostly laugh.

The moral of this story, friends and aquantences,
Is that maybe we should all have a little more patience.
With the weedy townsfolk from the town of Nantucket,
Lest we end up in their feeding buckets!

By the way im not trying to offend anyone... I'm sure Nantucket folk are as muscular and civilised as the next, but i needed the name for its rhyming qualities. Also here is my most recent 3d model: space station2, about 10-20 minutes of work.

Monday, October 16, 2006

whoa..slow down there cowboy!

In the last day my whole family seems to have gone 'blog crazy'. Does anyone else have this problem? One minute you're a fully functioning family and the next you're all 'blog crazy'. I cant even fit in my customary couple of hours on the computer because everyone else is hogging the dam thing and mollie seems to be doing it just for the heck of it as she's always running around saying "what will i do? i dont know what to do". I'm supposed to be the family nerd dammit, me! and dont y'all forget it!

In keeping with my nerdy ways i've decided to give 'greebling' a shot, 'greebling' is the method of covering an object with random detail to make it more interesting and was first used widely by I.L.M. on Star Wars. Here's what happened when i gave it a shot:
I can almost imagine it;"as thay flew through the tiny gap in the ships hull the were confronted by a city of epic proportions, buildings lined the floor, walls and even the roof..." The perfect homemade sci-fi!!
Also i've pretty much finished that mech, i suck at texturing but here are a few shots...

Sunday, October 15, 2006

new models

in case anyone is interested, my latest half decent model... another mace:

and my current model im working on: a military mech inspired by japanese anime and the xbox 360 game chrome hounds,

changed to beta

i've changed to beta and the transition semmed to go fine, i have found only one broken link and fixed it and everything else seems to work. The new blogger is almost exactly the same as the old one and im wondering should i change my template to a beta one?. It says that i could lose some template changes, they should be easy to fix but is there any point giving myself the extra work? if i want to change colours or fonts i do it by changing the html so are there any other good features that i wouldn't be able to do with the current template thing?
also i am aware that hallowe'en is two weeks away but i'll have you know that the little horned men are couch potatos for the rest of the year so they need two weeks of solid working out and greasing up before the big day. and when i said shoddily made digging tools i meant really shoddily made digging tools. we're not talking rusty spades, oh no, we're talking badly shaped trowels that the corpse men have whitled with their teeth from bits of the little children they eat. anywho.... i was sailing yesterday with rory and today i'm going cycling today.
16 days to hallowe'en! whooo!
the little men are getting all excited and greasy...

Saturday, October 14, 2006


If you're smart, youll arm yourself like joe here.....
its coming, once again the little horned men are working out and greasing themselves up so that by th 31st they'll be oily and strong enough to open the gates of hell. robed warlocks are dusting off their hats and buying new batteries for their assorted glowey bits and bobs and the old man in the cellar who makes ridiculous rubber masks is finaly getting paid for his work. the dead are trying to claw their way up to the surface with shoddily made digging tools and foolishly long nails and the lead guitarist of slipknot has started to refuse to come out into the daylight. Im talking of course about hallowe'en, that time of year when its okay to key your neighbours car and pop out of a bush to scare the little old lady at number 14. the time of year when sacrificing your best friend to the demon gigglimesh is not considered morally wrong and where you can cover your 5 a day fruit and veg with chocolate and still call yourself a healthy eater, so crack open a keg of mining grade explosives, sharpen your kitchen tools and stock up on canned food and batteries. you may never eat again.
in case, like joe, you come across some nasty dead folk

Friday, October 13, 2006


Yo! my blogging mojo is back! i could give you a day to day account of what i've been doing away from the casual bloggers eye but that would put everyone to sleep, lower productivity by 72% and therefore cost everyone their job and many people their lives. and thats bad.
so in brief ive been sailing, in the Czech Republic ,camping ,going to school, going to Dun Laoghire, going to toms house, mountainbiking and skateboarding. All of this and of course the ongoing search for a reasonably priced top hat.
on the computer however, under my many avatars (karatekid samas, dillonosullivan, walkin dude and angry nudist) i've been delving deep into the 3d modelling world with predictable results: widespread death and destruction. here are some of my most recent modeling attempts on 3dsmax 8:
This one could be a level of some kind...
This one a morning star, mace, flail thing..
this one a halloweeny graveyard..
and this one a yacht.
Hope you like, ill have more pictures soon no doubt.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Bens site

Ben has a new site ( i wrote it). Its pretty cool but I'm having giant problems with buttons on flash and overlapping. It probably takes ages to load without broadband and might not work on any flash player under 7. to download flash player 8, click here:

I've been sailing...

...all week in Dun Laoghire (i'm sure i spelt that wrong) in toppers. Angus was there too but he's disappeared from the internet.... Anyway, good fun and I'm doing another week.

Thursday, June 08, 2006


I'm back. again. for the hundreth time.
This time my excuse is that i was in conemara (how d'you spell it?)
with Angus. good fun. lots of water. and rocks, plenty of rocks.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

More exams

Booh yeah, science exam; easiest ever. History exam; piece of cake.
English and maths tomorrow though, two hours of english!
wish me luck.

Monday, May 22, 2006


Yup. Welcome to the gates of hell. Summer exams. Had my first one (geography) today and i dont think i did too well (i answering too many questions is a bad thing) because my god dam pen stopped working.
Dam pens make me soo mad! anywho, science tomorrow and history. We shall have to see how i do then....

Sunday, May 21, 2006

A Skateboard, of gods.

Dam straight. cost me 160 euro so it did. Really champonic it is.
Yup. Sure is...

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Hi, howarya?

I'm good, you? (badom...)
No really, anyone watch red dwarf? its really funny...
If anyone wants to donate an interesting event from their life to mine it would be apreciated. preferably a good one...

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Manly cheek bones

I'm back from beckettsfield (a camp yoke) so that would explain the fact that I've got nowhere near the internet in a while, and it made me (and some friends of mine) think, is it possible to be both rugged and manly at the same time WITHOUT high cheek bones? i want your opinion!
( actually i couldn't care less if i tried but i needed an excuse to mention manly cheek bones)

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

braces reloaded

Oh good.Even more braces, but this time they don't just hurt. OOHHH NOOO, they wreck my face and i cant talk anymore. My t's s's d's l's j's.... and so on sound the same so i'll be staying away from public for the next nine months. good look trying to find me. Dam its good to type, my talking is almost understandable when its written down!

Monday, April 03, 2006


Summer holidays soon. It's gonna be acemobile (not that thats a real word or anything) AND I get an extra month off this year. OHHHHH YEAHHHHH......... also, me and angus have started to work on a cool new experimental blog, the banner is in the sidebar, so if you you want any of the cool code from it, some is posted and the stuff that isn't can be got by right clicking, and choosing 'view source'. CHECK IT OUT!

Friday, March 31, 2006

Boo yeah

I got the coolest controlls for the site. There's the change colour thing in the sidebar, the change title thing, the moving text and the radio buttons. Dam they're cool. PS please comment, I dont know where you have all gone!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

appeals forum thingy

this comment box was empty so is now being used for the appeals in the sidebar. thats where you want to be to find out what on earth is going on in these comments. i may find a more discreet way of doing this but untill then this post wont interest most people.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I got a nano

I got a nano. And i bet you knew that before you read this (unless you'r one of those ''i dont read post titles before i read the posts'' kind of person. Dam they make me sooo mad!). Its really small. the picture in fact, doesn't give justice to its immense tinniness (i hope thats a word. and i dont think immense works there, do you?)

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Its My Birthday

Its my birthday on monday. an important date for all our calendars (i think you'll agree). also, the theory of relativity (yes, THAT theory... the einstein one) was published on the 20th of march wich makes ME a genius. mwahahahahahahahhahhhahhhahhhahhhah.......ow, my lungs

Sunday, February 26, 2006


You may have noticed that I've gone on a bit of a renovating spree (note the links buttons!) Daniel or angus, if you want a better one make it your self! (post it on you're blog and tell me)

Saturday, February 25, 2006


I gots me a title picture thingy. I spent hours searching for how to do that but couldn't find out. Finally I have worked it out for my self so thanks for nothing world (it is still in its experimental stages and will be better refined later on!)

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Sorry, I had to

I normally wouldn't do this but...
Whew, got that off my back

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Breakfast on mars

Breakfast On Mars

Today had been a pretty cool day, I had eaten, shopped, rolled and hovered through the streets and shops of all the major cities in the solar system. And now I was coming to the last stop, Mars.
Martians are a pretty backwards bunch, they drive on the ground with so called ‘wheels’ ( They say its keeping with good old human tradition but I think its just weird.) and they start the day with dinner and end it with breakfast.
(luckily they make a darn good breakfast) Also they live on a planet with fluctuating gravity so their clothes have a horrible tendency to get ripped off mid discussion.
I was now coming to the Mars ‘Home Dome™’ and my large amount of belts had just paid off because everyone else in the shuttle was now crawling around, red faced and embarrassed, trying to pick up their clothes that had just been ripped off. ‘’Gravity these days’’ I heard an old man swear behind me.
Presently the shuttle came to a halt in the dome and all the doors opened along with a bunch of ‘’thank you’’s and adds on the loud speaker. Excitedly I half skipped half walked out into the ever present night ( actually it was the evening but I was just trying to give you an idea of the dark sky, lights and stars.) ‘’Now for breakfast’’ I muttered and wandered out into the city under the Dome.
After a while I found a nice looking breakfast hole (don’t ask) and stepped in to find some more naked customers and a giant lava lamp. I walked over to the bar but when I saw the bar tender was being eaten by a giant prune, I did my best ‘’ I’ll leave you two alone’’ and left.
I walked over to the harbour keys and found a boat going over to the other side of the lake ( the lake is to provide a realistic amount of moisture in the air in the day and take in the condensation at night, so it also has a tide that was now starting to rise) I hopped on, paid the driver and sat back for the ride.
The other side seemed to be a lot more centred on food and so had a lot more breakfast holes. Three of them had the same prune problem as the last but finally I came to a fairly normal looking one. There was a dead prune on the floor so I assumed the staff were more heavily armed in this particular hole( again, don’t ask). I ordered some pancakes and because on mars they use old fashioned grilles rather than plasma cookers, I had a while to wait. I stepped into a pod and pressed a button marked ‘up’ and shot up the side of the building into the night sky.
When the pod stopped I had a view of he whole Home Dome™ and the surrounding landscape. Huge red volcanoes rose up into the starry night and massive sheets of frozen hydrogen rolled slowly down them. The red landscape was sliced up into sections by the massive glass tubes containing highways and railways needed to get to other smaller domes.
Tonight was cold, very cold and now that I felt that I noticed something else, there were huge drops of water forming on the roof of the Dome, three of them and they were starting to fall. slowly but surely the first drop started to fall towards the ground.
When the first 7 ton drop of condensation hit the north quays it was travelling at 800 miles per hour. It exploded and shot people, stalls and cars into each other and the whole mess into the wall of a nearby shop.
The second, travelling at around the same speed hit the middle of the lake and caused a small tsunami that chucked tons of water and a handful of boats up onto the quays on both sides of the lake.
The last, although it had a smaller distance to fall, was bigger and fell hard against the cone shaped cover on the top of the pod spire I was on and as if in slow motion the perfect sphere fell down to the streets below.
The people on New Wall Street in the food district had more to worry about than a 9 ton drop of water hurtling toward the ground, in fact no one was there when it hit because they had all been running away from something else. Three something else’s in fact. Three giant prunes charging at the people below.
I saw something else odd as well from my perch high above the Dome city, there were three law and order druids scaling the walls of the Dome and when they got about half way up they dropped, one after another towards the streets below.
Where they should have hit, I saw something that looked a lot like prune juice squirt up into the air and rain down on the wall of the dome.
Then from a huge speaker on the wall an alarm began to sound an I noticed an odd white sheet form on the waters of the lake. Ice. It was cold, really cold, and getting colder. Then my pod door unexpectedly swung open and a police shuttle came into view and pulled up by my pod. ‘’hop in!’’ shouted a metallic voice over the P.A. I shut my eyes and leaped ( just as a matter of interest I was 20,000 feet up)
Turns out the giant mutated prunes had shut down the heating system. And prune juice is brown, not the purple I thought. And now that I think about it, I Never Got My BREAKFAST!

( an essay I had to write for school, it's posted to show what actually goes on in my head!)

Monday, January 30, 2006

The Offspring

Hey foo!
you like the Offspring, I sure the hell do.

(cool picture, there's really nothing at all going on in my life)

Friday, January 27, 2006


Anyone seen Akira. Great movie, 5/5.
Which reminds me. You gotta love anime.
(as you can probably see, I'm going through a rather slow period in life, not much to say).

Thursday, January 26, 2006

I'm back...again

Haven't posted for a while.... Just got stronghold if thats an excuse.
Anywho, the sitemeter's past 5oo which I suppose is a good thing.
Keep it going and we'll have 1000 by May!i think....

Friday, January 06, 2006


I made me a blog logo on flash! you cant see the writing ( it says Dillons Random thoughts) but its by the "view my profile" yoke in the top.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Make Poverty History

You may have noticed that my site's gone all make poverty history on your ass. well..... If you want the banners click on one of them!

Monday, January 02, 2006


How do you use a picture as the backgroung for your title?

Path Of Neo

I said I wanted it and... I got it. I've been doing some maths and its roughly.... 103,472.449 times better than Enter the matrix!

I'm Back

Indeed. I've been away for a while, I was in England for christmas. i probably should have told someone.........