Wednesday, October 18, 2006

there once was a man from Nantucket...

an english poem i wrote today in school;

Once upon a time in a town called Nantucket,
Where the people eat their food from a bucket.
There lived a man by the name of Nick,
Who rode around showing off his giant...stick.

The people tried to lift it but no one could,
this truly impressive hunk of wood.
So Nick laughed maniacally until he cried,
Until the hairs on his head turned white and died.

His high pitched, nasal, nerdy, laugh,
made the townsfolk really mad.
So one night while he was mocking their puny strength,
They bludgeoned him to death with a monkey wrench.

Now it said that on a dark night,
while walking a dusty path,
It is said thea one can get quite a fright.
When they hear Nicks nasal, ghostly laugh.

The moral of this story, friends and aquantences,
Is that maybe we should all have a little more patience.
With the weedy townsfolk from the town of Nantucket,
Lest we end up in their feeding buckets!

By the way im not trying to offend anyone... I'm sure Nantucket folk are as muscular and civilised as the next, but i needed the name for its rhyming qualities. Also here is my most recent 3d model: space station2, about 10-20 minutes of work.


Beccy said...

Love the poem Dillon

Sam said...

hey why dont i get listed among your friends with grandma and mollie etc?

Dillon said...

you dont? I'll fix that!

Sam said...

thanks Dillon - and you can tell your mum and mollie i will add them to mine at the weekend. my blog template now takes so long to update i can only do it every once in a while.

ChrisB said...

Dillon this gave me good chuckle Grandma

ChrisB said...

Also meant to say I was in the region of Nantucket on the mainland at Hyannis and the ferry goes from here. Grandma