Thursday, October 19, 2006

my latest model

If i can successully finish looking up how on earth i would go about doing such a thing, I'm gonna try put this model in Microsoft flight sim 2004. Its based very strongly on the hover ships in the Matrix but as i had no picture of the actual ones to work with i made it all up as i went along... Just as a matter of interest it has 488370 vertices and 971008 polygons, 3 materials, 2 textures and 1423 objects.

(the picture on the bottom is a wireframe to show the amout of polygons involved)


Here it is with a background, bump mapping and lights as suggested by Sam in comments:

I'm aware the back ground isn't very good


Beccy said...

Hey Dillon, looks really good on the black background.

Sam said...

Hi Dill
i think you need to do some work on the lighting here.
We are in Space? It's a black background. Maybe there is a moon we can't seen nearby which casts a moonlight onto the ship. Everything else would be without light, EXCEPT: what about all the neon lights and illuminated blue windows on the ship? They would glow and scatter light onto the parts of the ship nearby.
You could even cheat this with a texture instead of using real lighting (cheaper!). Though the moon light would need to be for real, especially if the ship was animated.

Dillon said...

well, firstly, to clear that up, the ship is in an ancient sewer system built by machines, so lots of piping and cables and the such, meaning that the ship is the only source of lights (I'll build a 3d background) and i guess I didn't think about lighting, I'll bump map it too to make the texture look 3d. Also, It isnt skinned, just wraparound textures on each object so I couldn't really do the cheat lighting idea. thanks for the comments!

ChrisB said...

Dill I'm lost with all the technical stuff so I am easy to impress as always grandma

Beccy said...


Sam said...

well dillon - that is definitely progress and an improvement.
Hopefully Grandma and your mum will be able to see the difference now - that the last picture looks less flat, and more 3 dimensional and more alive.

Grandmas are soft and cuddly and very easy to impress, but spinster Aunts are far more severe and critical. This is because they are proud and they love you and they want to encourage you to learn and get better at 3d.

Whenever you need help, or have questions, or need information or inspiration, nmyself and Fred are at your service for anything 3d-related that we are able to help you with. Use us.

And let me know if you need any EA games cos I can get them cheap.


Dillon said...

cool, say, would either of you know anything about character modeling? Its really, really, really, really, really, hard.

sam said...

what do you want to know?
What kind of character?

My fiend Penny who you met when you were very small is our character modelling expert around here. I have done a bit, but she is the best.

I can ask her if you have some specific questions, or maybe we need to find a book or a website for you to read up on.

Dillon said...

Just making a character look natural, not necesseraly realistic. My current methods are: make a basic shape and meshsmooth it till the cows come home, and, download one from turbosquid.