Sunday, October 15, 2006

changed to beta

i've changed to beta and the transition semmed to go fine, i have found only one broken link and fixed it and everything else seems to work. The new blogger is almost exactly the same as the old one and im wondering should i change my template to a beta one?. It says that i could lose some template changes, they should be easy to fix but is there any point giving myself the extra work? if i want to change colours or fonts i do it by changing the html so are there any other good features that i wouldn't be able to do with the current template thing?
also i am aware that hallowe'en is two weeks away but i'll have you know that the little horned men are couch potatos for the rest of the year so they need two weeks of solid working out and greasing up before the big day. and when i said shoddily made digging tools i meant really shoddily made digging tools. we're not talking rusty spades, oh no, we're talking badly shaped trowels that the corpse men have whitled with their teeth from bits of the little children they eat. anywho.... i was sailing yesterday with rory and today i'm going cycling today.
16 days to hallowe'en! whooo!
the little men are getting all excited and greasy...

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Beccy said...

Not sure I like the sound of tools made from children Dillon!