Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Eircom, Yes I'm talking to you, Seem to have moved my webhost site, blocked me from it or deleted it as i cant use it anymore. This makes me angry. And you wouldn't like me angry!
I've just finished making a flash website, a homepage with galleries, links, bios etc. and now find myself unable to host it! If anyone knows a good (no add) webhost service (a free one too) then PLEASE tell me! I NEED YOUR HELP!
firstly, i have found, through an endless chain of links and more links how to access my eircom webbuilder, so crisis averted. Also, if anyone needs a good hosting service, while i was scouring the internet i chanced upon angelfire, i had heard of them before but never tried them and i have been pleasantly surprised. click here to go to They do not allow backlinking for obvious reasons but are still a very helpful site.
and yes eircom, im still mad.

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ChrisB said...

It's all very frustrating as I know to my cost