Sunday, October 29, 2006

7 hours, to the max!

7 hours of skating today, who said rollerblades cant be extreme?... I guess I just made a total ass of myself didnt I. Point is despite their pretty foolish (pansy some could even say) apperance and the fact that those who ride them just reak femininity, in-lines are the cooliest.... seriously though, unlike my previous extreme/ to the max sport venture i am actually good at rollerblading, needless to say i am hurting in many places i didn't even know i had, but it was a great day. I made an 8 step jump about 40 times, a wide 5 step jump about 60 times, a one legged (boo yeah) 2 step jump (upwards, over a low wall) and a fairly steep 3-6 step jump on more occasions than i care to mention. Also i made a jump up 7 steps twice and then chickened out and i cant do it anymore. pretty cool (if mind bendingly boring) if i may say so myself!
going cycling tomorrow with chris, rory and angus and then we'll possibly parody good riddance (time of your life) with our down market musical abilities. (no one has a drumkit, no one can sing and ill be damned if any of us have ever touched a violin/cello thing in our lives!)


Beccy said...

Can I film you and make money on 'you've been framed'?

ChrisB said...

Beccy what a good idea. Dillon I shall expect a demonstration of all these 'moves' when I visit. Grandma