Wednesday, October 25, 2006


I got a new System of a Down album on.... monday? Steal this Album (no actually dont) and its really good. Yeah... and dont you forget it foo!
Man, I need something to say! Does anyone know how on earth one would go about getting in such a mindset that they would actually enjoy texturing a model? When I talk to people on the internet, they say texturing can make a bad model good, and make any low poly model look amazingly intracate, and from experience I agree, but its sooooo boring!! I might make a texture for one or two polygons of an object and then BAM! I get bored and leave that model for ever. Texturing is such a chore it even puts me off modeling. which is bad.
Also I broke my phone, again. I've had the same model twice and the first time, the screen broke when i took a step wearing jeans (the phone was in my pocket). Walking shouldn't break a phone!. This time i think it has something to do with my breast pocket moving slightly to the left. Or maybe it was a small area of high air pressure which caused the screen to implode. Either way its broken and I need to get another one. No way am i getting that model again!
If anyone is interested in 3d modeling there is a free program called gmax which was develpoed by autodesk for modding games such as flight sim and battelfield2. I learned 3d modeling on it and although its really hard to learn, its almost an exact copy of 3ds max and so is a very helpful for learning before spending loads of money on a different program. The only downfall is that it doesn't have a rendering suite but they can be downloaded seperately for it.
Cllick here to download it/learn more.


EmBee said...

My gollygosh two people in the same family making models. I do so enjoy reading all these blogs and who knows!!. Good to have you back doing your orals Best wishes .

ChrisB said...

sounds a bit technical for me Grnadma

Megan said...

Got a new album, eh?