Saturday, January 13, 2007

im back! im also...tired of saying that!

woooo...i keep going away and coming back and going away and coming back and getting my computer hijacked by dwarves and eaten by dragons and set on fire by dwarves riding recently hijacked dragons and... yeah. anywho, im back again. and i cant promise that i will post tomorrow or even ever agin. but ill try or, and i quote from shrek 2 -"unless i can't find you or if i forget"... that didnt really fit but i needed a quote. anywho, just like last time i've been exploring the 3d modelling world and gotten rather better at modelling on 3ds max (i even figured out how to make movies....yay!) and also like last time, i've been listening to a painful amount of music, on max volume (its cause im so god damn hardcore). also theres been a bit of school and skating and all that jazz in between... here are some pictures (gotta love those pictures):

this one is a big gothic mansion, all very nice and generic. the kind i'd like to live in... the textures could use a little work (they arent mine) and im still working on the smaller details, especially the glass house. expect updates.

this one's a robot thing that im still working on but its so high poly my computer cant quite handle it... i cant render it with the materials on because then my computer craps out completely...

i made this one while writing this post... it took about 3 minutes. its a willow tree in a marsh at either sunrise or sunset, i think the willow makes it look more like sunset.