Friday, November 03, 2006

Right so then

I've been away a while. 3 days or so if im right. In that time I have: gone on a hike (no, actually more of a glorified stroll) Gone walkabouts on hallowe'en, gone to toms house, gone skating and..... gone skating again! Yeah!. Hallowe'en was fun, started off meeting angus at 9 in the morning, got the dart to bray, walked over bray head to greystones, found that despite all the stopping the hike took about 3 and a half hours (we had 5 and a half in total)hung around in greystones a while, ate chips and left. Then after meeting up with rory again we hung around a bit, shot at each other with pellet guns, missed, watched fireworks, ran away from scumbags, met tom, philip and james, went to toms house, ate food, drank club pomegranate and white cranberry (Yeah! I've consumed sooo much pomegranate in the last few days I warn you to expect shortages of the stuff!). Then we went home and slept. The next day rory woke with a start and made simple, yet hilarious request: Dillon, may I be so oblong as to play black with the sound off?. Then we went skating again. went home, woke up next day, went skating, went home, went to the scout AGM (ill see if any of the videos and photos are on the internet) went to bed and now here i am writing this retched, longtastic, post.
Also could I ask you vote for me in the little irish blogs banner in the sidebar?, thanks.


infredible said...

Hey Dillon,

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ChrisB said...

Hi Dillon
Glad you had a good half term.
I already voted for you but will try again.

Does this mean I need to start stocking up on pomegranate juice ready for Christmas?

Were those the same scumbags you had trouble with before?

EmBee said...

Dillon I have had nothing to read for days and I am suffering withdrawal symtoms. Love

ChrisB said...

Dillon where are you its been a long time sinc eyour last post grandma